South America


4 Days El Calafate & El Chalten travel itinerary

El Calafate is a city in Patagonia, Argentina. It is situated on the southern border of Lake Argentino, in the ...
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Top 10 Places to Visit in Brazil

Brazil is a very large country and goes far beyond the stereotype of beautiful beaches. Waterfalls, mountains, rainforests, and sand ...
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Is Brazil Safe to visit?

Is Brazil safe to travel? This is a very complicated question given that Brazil is such a diverse country. It ...
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8 things to do, see and eat in Valparaiso Chile

Valparaiso is a big city and seaport with an incredible history. It is 2 hours away by bus from the ...
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4 Days San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is a Chilean town. It is located east of Antofagasta, some 106 km (60 mi) southeast ...
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Uruguay Travel Guide

Uruguay is yet to be explored by mass tourism. Even though it is a popular destination for Argentinians and Brazilians ...
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