6 reasons why you should visit Singapore

Culture is everywhere in Singapore, but that is only one of the many different reasons why you should visit this up and coming Asian destination.  This part of the world might be small, but it packs a big punch when it comes to the number of available attractions and the fun you can have during a visit there. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Singapore

Family Friendly Activities

Singapore offers so many different family friendly activities, so you do not need to wait for the perfect time to visit.  Simply bring your kids and have one adventure after another at attractions, restaurants, and even within the historical district. 

Roleplay at KidZania

Ice skating


Obstacle course at Forest Adventure

Luxury Spa Services

Singapore is known for its luxurious qualities and you can take advantage of many of their amazing spa treatments during your visit.  Whether you visit the spa at your hotel, or you choose another one that offers even more special services, you will enjoy the moments you spend getting rejuvenated. 


Yunomori Onsen and Spa

The Thai Spa

Nimble Knead

Modern Touches Mixes with History Beautifully

Many older buildings have been torn down in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few waiting for you to explore.  These historical buildings can be found tucked away next to all the newer modern buildings, so do not forget to look for them as you are walking around. 

Shopping Adventures Galore

There are so many different areas for you to go shopping in Singapore, but you must make sure you stay within your budget as you venture from one store to the next.  After all, with so many options, it is very easy to overspend on everything that you MUST have!

No Horrendous Smells or Piles of Litter

This might seem like a silly reason to visit Singapore, but once you get there and see how clean the streets are, you will understand why it is included.  Singapore has rules that state no spitting is allowed and no one is allowed to litter either.  This might seem strange to many people, but it works, and you will enjoy the wonderful experience of walking around an odor-free area during your time away from home. 

The Delectable Cuisine

The food in Singapore is absolutely amazing and you will love dining in almost any restaurant you wander into.  However, if I can make a suggestion…. I recommend finding one of the hawker centers when it is time to eat.  These areas are like food courts, but much bigger, and you can get almost anything you want to eat for a fabulously low price. 

Here are some dishes you should try when in Singapore.

  • Hainanese chicken rice
  • Chilli crab
  • Laksa
  • Char kuay teow
  • Hokkien prawn mee
  • Char siew meats on rice or noodles
  • Kaya toast

These are the six main reasons why you must visit Singapore in the future, so start planning your trip today! 

Thank you for reading.

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